The mandate of the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre is to enhance the lives of Brockville and area residents 50 years old and over, by providing, in a friendly and welcoming environment, affordable programs and activities that will keep them mentally and physically active. We are not affiliated with Wall Street United Church. We rent use of the gym and other rooms at the church location for our activities and programs.

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Below in reverse chronological order, newest on top, are quick news updates to various happenings and information related to the our organization. We hope you find them useful.

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Effective immediately, the allotted time for all 3 Pickle Ball sessions is extended from 1 to 3pm to 1 to 4pm. This is with the understanding that play will end and cleanup will begin no later than 3:45pm each session. _____________________________________________________________________________________________


As of this date, all classes are full, apart from:

  • Badminton
  • Bridge
  • Music Jam Session
  • Photography
  • Tai Chi


Three hundred and forty seven (347) people registered for one or more of our classes at the September 6th Open House at the Legion. This included 104 first time registrants - we welcome you.

Thanks to all our leaders, office staff, directors and volunteers for making the event such a success.

Many of our classes reached their maximum on the day, or in the days since via office registrations.



Please note  that all  classes, except Spanish, start the week of Monday September  11, 2017.

[Of course Book Clubs will not start this week but on the designated day of the 4th week of the month.]



Yes, your new board is up and active after a wet summer break. Our first meeting was held on Weds August 23. Note that we have now updated the website title banner to reflect our recently adopted new name of Brockville 50+ Activity Centre, while paying due respect to our former name of the Shepherd's Welcome Centre.

Preparations are underway for our Registration/Open House at the Brockville Legion on Park Street from 9:30 to 11:30 am on Weds September 6th. Please note the office will not be open for regular business until the following day, Thurs September 7.

The activity schedule for the Fall semester has been drafted by Bill Carlyle and will shortly be posted to the website. One new item that can be 'leaked' now is that Table Tennis will be offered on Thursday mornings. Further details to follow.

We will also be conducting an online poll to gauge the degree of interest in once again offering the card game Euchre as an essentially social activity. Stay tuned.

May 2, 2017
As most of you likely know by now, the proposed new name for our organization was accepted by an almost 4:1 majority of the members who voted. The total number of votes cast was 178.

So a clear majority of voters have given the go ahead to a change in name to Brockville 50+ Activity Centre.

Thank you to all who voted and to those who helped in organizing and conducting this important member ballot.

We will now proceed with some of the formalities required before officially adopting and implementing the new name.

It should be pointed out that the new name is a change in our business or 'also known as' name only and the regulatory requirements for this change are relatively easy to comply with.

Our legal or incorporation name remains as the Brockville and District Ecumenical Care Community. This name dates back to the early days of our non-profit, charitable organization.

April 19. 2017

A big week and event in the life of the SWC kicks off on Friday April 21st. This marks the first day of voting on the important question of whether SWC should change its name to Brockville 50+ Activity Centre or not.

Members have already been briefed and informed on the long, careful and deliberate process that brought us to this point. The process included significant input from participants, leaders, volunteers, directors and other stakeholders in our organization.

Now is the opportunity for all current SWC members to exercise their democratic right and have their say as to whether we adopt the new name or stay with the current, The Shepherd's Welcome Centre.

There will be ample opportunities to vote over the period Friday April 21st through to and including Thursday April 27th, so please do come out and vote and help make the decision that will impact the future of our great organization.

For details of voting times and locations, including a copy of a blank ballot you may print and complete ahead of time, please click here.



Just a quick note to let you know the website is alive and well though in a summer hiatus like everyone else.

In August we will be updating you with all the news related to our upcoming fall semester that will open in September 2017.

At that time, we will also implement the change in name to Brockville 50+ Activity Centre here on the website and phase in in other areas.

Note the Open House/ Registration for the fall semester is scheduled for Weds September 6 from 9:30 to 11:30am at the Brockville Legion.

So, a happy and safe summer to all and see you in the fall.

May 22, 2017.
To access the excellent report presented by President Cheryl Nix at the May 10, 2017 AGM held in the Heritage Hall of WSUC, click here

March 30, 2017
We will be hosting, in association with the Kingston Frontenac Council on Aging, another in our series of information sessions on Thurs April 20.

Speaker: Jim Lindsay, Director of Elder Abuse Protection Services
Date: Thursday April 20
Time: 1 to 2:30 pm
Venue: Community Room #1* in the 1000 Islands Mall.

(*: Community Room #1 is close to the Koodo cellphone sales booth in the west side of the Mall.)

Our speaker will describe some of the situations that seniors may face and what the Council on Aging does to assist.

Please contact the SWC office by phone or email to register to attend this interesting session.

For your convenience, you may use the Contact Form, referenced in the Contact Us section on the top of the right sidebar, to register. Use of this form allows you to conveniently and directly email the SWC office without exiting from the website.

March 27, 2017

We're happy to announce a second session with William Thomson. Following his very successful session on February 9, William will conduct a second wide ranging Question & Answer session for SWC participants who have questions related to their use of technology: computers, tablets, phones, etc..

Session Leader: William Thomson
Date: Tuesday, April 4
Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Venue: WSUC Upper Room
Class Size Limit: 25

You may bring your device with you.

Please note William will not be spending time to "fix" an individual's problem. He will be focusing on helping to improve your use of the device; ex: using apps., security settings, etc.

Register early by dropping by the SWC office, calling 613-345-2412 or by emailing swcadmin@myhighspeed.ca

March 28, 2017
As reported in our March 2017 newsletter, the board has appointed two (2) worthy candidates to fill the current director vacancies.

The appointment of John Bonser and Barry Shaver brings the number of the directors on the board to the bylaw maximum of nine (9).

We are delighted to welcome John and Barry to the board and thank them for agreeing to volunteer their time and undoubted talents to the service of the SWC.

Technically accordimg to our bylaws, board appointments such as these are temporary until the next AGM, early May in this case. However, the expectation and likelihood is that John and Barry will stand as candidates at our May 10 AGM for election for the upcoming full two (2) year term.

March 27, 2017

We have been asked by Wall Street United Church to advise our members not to park inside the section of the parking close to the church that is closed off by a chain.
Apparently some member(s) recently removed the chain and parked inside. The chain is to prevent parking in an area that could be subject to ice or snow falling from the roof and is obviously for protection of persons and their cars. The church advises that any such future interference with the chain will result in a ticket and fine.

We ask for the cooperation of all in this matter.

February 6, 2017

The Shepherd's Welcome Centre will conduct a wide ranging Question & Answer session for SWC participants who have questions related to their use of technology: computers, tablets, phones, TVs.

Session Leader: William Thomson
Date: Tuesday, February 14th
Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Venue: WSUC Living Room
Class Size Limit: 25

You may bring your device with you.

Please note William will not be spending time to "fix" an individual's problem. He will be focusing on helping to improve your use of the device; ex: using Apps.

Register early by calling or dropping by the SWC office at 613-345-2412 or email swcadmin@myhighspeed.ca

Please reply by February 9 if possible.

Note: William until recently was a SWC volunteer instructor, teaching a class on computer basics. Background on William may be accessed from the Profiles dropdown menu above.


For an update from our president Cheryl Nix click here

Open House and Registration for the winter semester has been scheduled for Thursday, January 5th, 2017 at the Brockville Legion.

Please note the change from the traditional Wednesday to a Thursday. This was necessitated by the Legion being unavailable on the Wednesday.

Further details will follow.


To access the report click here

Photos courtesy of Debby Greffe.


The final session of our fall series, Fraud Awareness, was presented to an audience of over 20 members at the Community Room in the 1000 Islands Mall on Monday afternoon November 21 last. This was an excellent turnout in view of the heavy snowfall earlier in the day.

Mr. Brock Godfrey of the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre.CAFC gave a wide ranging talk with advice on the various frauds, scams and other nefarious schemes that we all face in these times of computers and telecommunications in general.


Further input from Paul Bullock (Chair WSUC).
Click here for details.

Pickle Ball is just starting its second year at SWC but is rapidly growing in popularity. We now have 3 classes, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the church gym.

Photo shows the Monday group under the leadership of Sandra and David Reed on the right, first row.


A very successful Open House with Class Registration was held at the Brockville Legion on September 7 last.

A very impressive 275 individuals signed up for one or more of the exciting programmes on offer. Of these, 43 were first timers to the SWC and we welcome them and hope they have a rewarding and fun time as they actively exercise mind and body.

Post the Open House, registrations at the office brought the total to 303 and registrations are still coming in. This is very gratifying for all involved with the SWC and shows we are on the right track in terms of serving in an affordable manner the activity needs of area seniors.

Thanks are due to all involved in organizing the Open House, in particular to Marian Rafferty, Debby Greffe and Ralph Greenhalgh. We also thank the leaders who gave of their time to meet with prospective participants and to all others who volunteered and helped on the day.

We are also grateful to the Brockville Legion for accommodating our event. The venue and in particular the ample parking were a big hit with our clients.

Ray Verbeem kindly took a number of photos at the event and a gallery of these will be posted shortly.

We're delighted to announce that at the first meeting of the new board, Cheryl Nix was elected president by acclamation. A well deserved honour.

Cheryl was first appointed to the board in 2012 coming to us with a wealth of experience in working with seniors with the CPHC.

As well as making many thoughtful and insightful contributions to the work of the board, Cheryl also took on the task of newsletter editor. Cheryl's writing style was such that she got the message across in a lucid fashion and with an attractive friendly and chatty tone.

Congrats and thanks Cheryl and we wish you well as you take on your new responsibilities.

Note: A full listing of the new board is now available from the Who Are We? dropdown menu above.


The Brockville Arts Centre (BAC) continues to kindly offer a ticket discount to SWC members.

To be eligible your name must be on the SWC listing maintained at the Arts Centre box office. If you're not already on the list, please contact the SWC Office who will forward your name to the BAC.

Note the discount does not apply to all shows. BAC can only offer the discount when the show promoter has a group rate to offer.

For all of the remaining 2016 Pricedex Summer Theatre performances BAC can offer the following discount for all of the single ticket prices.

Regular ticket price $31.50 + HST = $35.60
SWC discount rate $25.00 + HST = $28.25
Total savings $7.35 / ticket

A link to the BAC website for the Pricedex programme info: BAC


Photo shows SWC President Tony Dunbar recently presenting a gift card to Church Custodian Trevor Hutton. This was in appreciation of all the willing, cheerful help and assistance Trevor gave across the board to SWC over the past year. Thanks again Trevor.

Click on image to see larger.

A successful AGM was held on Weds May 11, 2016 in the Community Room of the 1000 Islands Mall. In attendance were 22 participants and many items of important SWC business were dealt with.

Included were reports by the president, treasurer and other directors.

Election of directors for the coming term also took place. We were happy to welcome Linda Campbell as a new member of our board.

Full details of the proceedings as detailed in the minutes may be accessed here.

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