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Christmas Dinner 2016

On December 2 a gathering of 110 people, members and guests, enjoyed a full Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings at the Brockville Legion on Park Street.

Once again Cindy Croteau and staff served a delicious dinner to an appreciative gathering.

Our social convenor, Debby Greffe with the assistance of office manager Marian Rafferty and others, had worked hard over the past few weeks in organizing the event. Their efforts were certainly rewarded.

Debby also acted as a lively MC, and in addition took the photos in the gallery below.

Prior to the dinner we were entertained to a selection of seasonal songs delightfully performed by our own Shepherd’s Welcome Centre Women’s Chorus under the skillful direction of Rod McAvoy. This provided a nice showcase for all the preparation the chorus and Rod had done in the course of their recent classes at Wall Street. Thanks to all involved.

This was our first Christmas dinner at the Legion, which was attractively decorated and provided a nice warm ambiance. Thanks to all responsible, Legion staff and our own volunteer helpers. The ample parking was also a welcome bonus.

Merry Christmas to All.



Posted: 12/05/2016


Pickle Ball and Post Pads

Photo shows one of the two Pickleball courts in the WSUC gym. Also the padding we recently purchased to cushion any collisions with the metal posts supporting the mezzanine.

Thank you to participant Frank Condron for helping us to source what we needed. The pads certainly add a touch of bright colour to the gym as well as protecting our enthusiastic players of this new game.

Click on image to see larger.


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